Happy Lift Trainee (AR)

Happy Lift Trainee (AR)

Alex, 21, was previously digging up the roads before being made redundant and completed our new lift engineer training course in July 2013 - he is now studying with Bromley College.

Please read his written testimonial below:

After finishing a lift engineer training course funded by the government when I was registered with the job centre, I was able to get a new job as an apprentice lift engineer thanks to the help of Social Learning Centre (SLC).

SLC helped me with training and approx 8 to 9 job interviews with local employers who were all interested in the new skills I had just learnt, and I now work as an apprentice lift engineer.

I now work all over London area repairing and maintaining lifts and work with other lift engineers on the company. I would like to thank SLC for all their hard work as without them I wouldn't have this opportunity.

Alex Roberts.